Automated road lighting control systems

Image source «Photobank Lori»
Relevant ministries and authorities were requested to develop automated lighting control programs by the 1st Quarter, 2021.

As to the experts’ forecasts, automated control systems will allow reducing the energy costs by 30%. The proposed systems will be based on ITS infrastructure.

Roman Geller, Head of GIS Department, shared his opinion on the issue:

“The current ITS design approach enables regions to develop in parallel several modular subsystems and introduce new control tools of road lighting.

There is also a purpose-built software and hardware complex – Automated Outdoor Lighting Control System (AOLCS), which can be used for real-time monitoring of light installations. Like other ITS components, AOLCS system can adjust a lighting mode depending on weather conditions, site characteristics and road geometry.

Implementation of this system does not entail any equipment upgrades, reconnections or other related works. It is only needed to replace blind controllers with those connected to a digital network or install dual hub adaptors, which emulate both analogue and digital signals”.