Our solutions are implemented in Vologda

Our solutions are on the Vologda streets already.

About a year ago we completed the design of a transport planning project for Vologda.
This summer the city administration has introduced a 1.2 km-long dedicated lane at the section Poshekhonskoye Shosse – Mira street-Chernyshevskogo street. It is one of the city’s busiest routes: according to the counts, it serves 40,000 people, as well as major attractions – the regional hospital, railway station and administration centre.

In total, 40 bus routes go along Poshekhonskoye Shosse.

The measures that we proposed in our project will help to reduce travelling time from 35.9 minutes (in 2019) to 31.3 minutes (in 2025), while creation of a trunk transport corridor will increase a traffic lane capacity by 1.5 times.