What to do with unauthorized road exits?

Image source «Photobank Lori»
During 2020, GKU Lenavtodor have closed over 810 illegal road exits, approaches, and junctions to the highways in Leningrad Region.

The owners of retail chains, timber carriers and developers of cottage villages often ignore the traffic safety.

Unauthorized approach roads to quarries and borrow pits are the most common examples of non-compliance with the existing regulations. Their owners mistakenly believe that such approaches and exits from them do not affect the traffic safety. However, it is not true as:
  1. Designs of such roads do not satisfy the applicable regulations.
  2. Heavy trucks drag mud onto roads that may cause skidding.
  3. Road exits are not provided with proper signs, i.e. road users are not warned about traffic merging.

To avoid any legal problem, we recommend developing the road exit design and approve it with relevant road authorities at the project planning stage.

Sustainable Traffic portfolio includes over 10 successful road junction and exit projects. Thanks to our experience and knowledge we are able to complete such tasks quickly and at a reasonable price.

We do understand how important is to develop a quality and thoroughly elaborated design to ensure road safety.