Sustainable Traffic participated in industry events that took place last May

Last May was full of industry events where we participated in. Below is a summary of the outcomes.

On May, 17 and 18 the annual conference for transport planning and modelling took place. The event was organised by the Association of Transport Engineers. We traditionally participated in the conference as an official partner. Our experts took part in the discussions.

On May, 19 Pyotr Ataev participated in a cross-sectoral conference held by ROSDORNII – “Intelligent Transport Systems for Motor Roads, Test Sites and Test Areas to create safe transport environment”.

The main topic discussed was development of a specialised testing area for ITS. Representatives of the Government, Ministry of Transportation and leading industry companies discussed the development of basic infrastructure and test areas to carry out experiments and test new technologies.

On May, 20 two important events took place:
  1. We participated for the first time in the SPbTransportFest forum. Irina Rykova made a presentation at the session “Role of transport planning documents for strategic development of Russian cities”. Irina raised an issue of implications brought about by the transport reform in St. Petersburg.
  2. Our experts visited ASUDD Kazan, a municipal enterprise dealing with automated transport management systems, and presented our know-how to reduce congestion in cities.

On May, 30 we participated in the roundtable discussion on safe operation of personal transporters (PT) in St. Petersburg. The main topic discussed was development of paid parking areas for electric kick scooters; the development costs would be split between kicksharing companies. However, the issue still requires new legal regulations, in particular PT have to be officially regarded as a road traffic vehicle.

Vice-chairman of the Transport Committee Dmitry Vanchkov said that the city could develop a single parking scheme showing PT parking places to be located away from pedestrian crossings, public transport stops, historical buildings and architectural heritage sites.