We participate in the MedGU-2021 Conference in Istanbul

We always want to push the boundaries of our activities, including participation in industry events.

On November 26, our engineer Ivan Rykin made a presentation at the MedGU-2021 conference in Istanbul. MedGU is one of the largest geosciences events in the Mediterranean region covering 16 thematic areas.

Ivan spoke at the Geo-Informatics and Remote Sensing session. The main topic was integration of cloud and desktop solutions to support the analysis of large geospatial data time series.

The idea is to expand the functionality of GIS modules by integrating benefits of various platforms, which will allow to:
  • Use data processing algorithms in projects of any complexity,
  • Perform resource-intensive calculations at remote computers and perform data postprocessing and visualisation with desktop solutions,
  • Reduce maintenance costs of expensive local hardware that quickly become obsolete.