Our approach to traffic design

The main document that deals with the traffic situation on each street or road section is a Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

Over 7 years of work we have prepared such plans both for category IA roads (such as the Ring Road in St. Petersburg), and for category V roads, which in fact were just like footpaths in the woods.

The existing regulations do not clearly define the requirements for TMP. Nowadays it is quite common that these requirements are set in terms of reference provided by the client and therefore they reflect their individual preferences and vision.

We try to implement projects in such a format that firstly gives us a complete idea of the area (not just the road!), and secondly is convenient for further use.

That’s why we are always aiming to have the following types of work included in our TOR: aerial photography, topographic surveys, database creation, development of a geographic information system, micro-modeling of complex nodes, instrumental audit of accident concentration areas, preparation of technical passports of roads, etc.

These works are not cheap, but in the end, we have a high-quality project and the data that can be used in many other areas.

Conventional TMPs with signs and road markings layouts on the linear rectified mapping are not of much interest to the clients now, although they may be sufficient for rural roads.

This year our traffic management department has already completed TMP projects for 750 km of federal highways (A-120, A-180, A-212, R-23, R-56), 235 streets (~120 km) in Gatchina, and Vsevolozhsk road and street network (83 km).