Paid Parking Development in Russian cities

We are about to celebrate the 10th company’s anniversary and therefore have decided to make a gift to the industry community and prepared an analytical overview of development of paid parking in various Russian regions.
Paid parking is a topical issue as transport demand is higher than transport supply in almost every city. Introduction of paid parking is one of the most effective and logical solutions. Our company have participated in several paid parking development projects over the past two years. That’s why we know the process inside out and are familiar with all details and difficulties.

Our study covered the cities that have already introduced paid parking and which population is over 200 thousand people, totally 20 cities. We considered international and local experience of paid parking development, possible barriers, implementation mechanisms, legal issues and design and traffic safety aspects.
Our experts worked out our own evaluation system to assess paid parking developments and ranked the cities based on the following indicators:
- physical access and affordability,
- user-friendliness,
- environment friendliness,
- level of positive impact on the city’s transport system.
We will present the results of our study at our stand A2-2 in the Kazan Expo Centre, where you can talk to the authors of the study and get a printed copy of the report. After the presentation the study report will be posted on our web resources.

We invite everyone to our stand to learn more about our activities and celebrate the company’s anniversary. Admission for the exhibition is free by pre-registration.