FOSS4G International Open Data Forum 2019

The forum features such giants as Esri (needs no introduction), HERE Technologies (4 out of 5 cars with a navigation system in Europe and North America use HERE maps), TERRASIGNA (every day they process zettabytes of satellite data for mapping and GIS), Oslandia (QGIS developer), GeoCat BV (mapping and GIS) and many others.

The main topics of the discussion were GIS capabilities - visualization, automation, and optimization, for example, house recognition on aerial photography using a neural network (see slide on the photo).

Our GIS engineer Ivan Rykin made his presentation on automated GIS complex for monitoring the vegetation season parameters based on remote sensing data.

Ivan said:

“I was impressed by the scale of the event, as well as its warm, friendly, and open atmosphere! It was a great opportunity to learn new things and some new features in the use of open-source software. Here you can feel everyone’s desire to transfer their knowledge to other people for the development of free and open-source software!