Development Director of Sustainable Traffic took part in a working meeting dedicated to the road sector support

On April, 1 Peter Ataev, development director of Sustainable Traffic, attended a working meeting dedicated to the support of the road sector in the current economic situation. The meeting was held by the regional division of the Russian Business public organisation on the initiative of St. Petersburg Transport Infrastructure Committee.

The purpose of the meeting was to get information from the business society to find effective solutions to the current problems.

The main focus was on defining measures needed to support the road construction industry and solve the issues relating to:
  • Procurement,
  • Access to finance,
  • Operational and associated costs accounting in project budgets,
  • Progressive price increase of materials and software maintenance,
  • Difficulties in introducing innovations,
  • Macroeconomic indicators

As we can see, the transport industry along with other economic sectors faces challenges due to external factors despite of numerous national projects and programmes aimed to support transport development.

The participants of the meeting agreed to develop reasonable measures to provide targeted support to the road sector. Russian Business and the legislative assembly of St. Petersburg would prepare proposals on support measures, which would be submitted for consideration to the city’s executive authorities.