We are developing a transportation service model for a new housing complex

Preparation of a transportation service model is normally requested by diligent real estate developers to be able to provide adequate transport infrastructure for new developments.

Our company have already carried out the following works for the project:
  • Conducted an impact analysis of the new development on transport infrastructure performance considering the traffic patterns and a future area development,
  • Prepared a concept of the new development impact on the transport situation, including development of macro- and micromodels that consider various traffic volumes at different commissioning stages of the new housing complex,
  • Defined parameters of long-term development of the road and street network within the given area.

Already at this stage of our studies, we identified the main problem to solve – high traffic on roads to which the new housing complex will connect.

Our experts also think that there are not enough exits from the area as after the complex is commissioned the number of residents will increase.

Based on the modelling outcomes we are developing measures to improve the transport situation, traffic patterns, public transport accessibility and road safety.

When we complete the project, we will share the results of our work, which we believe would be of interest to the industry experts and real estate developers.