Our expert will be a moderator of the workshop «Cycling traffic development»

Image source «Photobank Lori»
At the beginning of December, a workshop “Cycling traffic development” will take place in Moscow. The workshop will be organised for city administrations of various Russian cities, which will form 28 teams. Our transport development expert Dmitry Kupressov will moderate the event together with representatives of the Smena design bureau and the Higher School of Economics.

The teams will be asked to prepare proposals for creation of a bicycle route network in one of the cities. To achieve it, participants will have to:

  • analyze initial data (population density, land functional zoning, road & street traffic intensity)
  • identify main residential areas and attractions
  • suggest optimal cycling routes
  • elaborate a cycling traffic infrastructure

Such a virtual immersion into the cyclists’ world is quite useful since the representatives of municipal administrations will get an opportunity to see firsthand the benefits of cycling development in cities, including improvement of the transport situation in general.

The workshop will be held within the Master of Public Administration Programme organised by the State Development Corporation VEB.RF, the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, the Faculty of Urban and Regional Development of the Higher School of Economics, the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, and the Russian School of Economics.

We will share the news after the workshop; stay tuned!