Integrated mobility plan for Vologda
Project period: 2018 - 2019
Our experts are developing an integrated mobility plan for Vologda. It is a city with a compact centre and large residential areas.
Vologda’s population is 313,000. However, the city’s road and street network is poorly developed. For example, there are only two road bridges across the Vologda River, which runs through the city centre; one of them - Oktyabrsky Bridge is heavily congested. Also, two railways cross the city, which makes the traffic situation even worse.

A comprehensive modernization of the road network is needed, including implementation of automated traffic management systems (ATMS), construction of new roads and improvement of the existing ones. In addition, at the request of Vologda administration, we carried out a feasibility study for introduction of paid parking.

The following traffic management issues were studied: distribution of traffic flows, freight traffic management, improvement of the information system for road users, speed limits, parking space provision, development of traffic lights system, optimization of public transport system, improvement of cycling and pedestrian traffic, transport connections between the city and other areas.

We surveyed 30 key nodes of the road and street network. Besides paper and electronic copies of the study reports, the city will get a web-based geographic information system (Web GIS) with spatial and attribute data.