Technical passports for St. Petersburg roads and streets
Our experts did an extensive work for inventory of urban thoroughfares. Using our mobile laboratories, we inspected 331 roads and streets with a total area of over 700 ha in 17 city districts.

For field surveys, we used a laser scanning method, which has the following advantages:
  • Higher speed of field works without loss in data quality
  • High accuracy of obtained data
  • No need for site visits due to possibility of 360° video recording
  • Partial automation of desk studies due to road signs and infrastructure recognition based on point clouds
  • Possibility of creating the road infrastructure database
Apart from the technical passports, we developed inventory and topographic plans as well as a 3D digital model of the road and street network and adjacent territories.

We also prepared a complete digital map for internet resources.

We hope that our work will help relevant agencies to solve various urban planning and management issues!