Traffic management plan for gas stations in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
The project is designed to ensure safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians within gas stations.
To prepare traffic management plans, our experts carried out:

  • Surveys of gas stations and adjacent areas using mobile road laboratories, including 360° panoramic shooting
  • Geodetic surveys

The study results show that the main problem is that drivers of heavy trucks use gas stations for parking, which hinders movement in the area and affects the safety of all road users. Therefore, the traffic management plans we developed provided for prohibiting parking of trucks within the gas station area.

In addition, we implemented the following measures:
  • Update of traffic patterns within gas stations and installation of boards showing the traffic scheme on each gas station,
  • Set a speed limit of 10 km/h,
  • Restriction of stops/parking at storage tanks filling areas and potentially hazardous places,
  • Provision of parking space and one-way traffic, where possible.

The project was agreed with State Inspectorate for Traffic Safety (GIBDD) and St. Petersburg Traffic Management Directorate and then delivered to our client. The implementation stage will start at the end of this year.